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SiamTraders.com is the result of my experiences traveling in Southeast Asia over the past several years. Upon returning home, my friends and family were always impressed with the items I brought back as gifts and souvenirs. I have been selling items since early 2000 and I decided to use my background as a web designer to build an online gallery for these SE Asian treasures.

The low overhead of an online business allows me to offer prices well below most retail stores. I can also offer bulk discounts to wholesale buyers and help with a custom design or some other special request. Contact me if you're interested.

I do not offer "instant" online purchasing. Instead, I handle each sale individually and you can pay online or send payment in the mail. See the "How to Buy" section for details.

I have been a member of eBay (buying and selling) since mid-1999. Click here to read feedback about me from other eBay members.

My office is located in Portland, Oregon USA. I am happy to show any items by appointment. Please contact me with your request or any comments/questions/suggestions.

Thank you for visiting SiamTraders.com!

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